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What is PhishBaitAI?

The PhishBait AI project is a toolkit designed to provide users with a first line of defense against online social engineering (Phishing). As attempts to deceive computer users increase in sophistication, it is becoming harder to determine what types of digital communication are authentic.

The project has three goals:
  1. 1. Identify. The toolkit can currently be used to provide information regarding webpages that are attempting to mislead users, in order to gain access to a user’s computer or digital device.
  3. 2. Analyze. In some case, such as with emails, a series of AI programs will perform an in-depth review of a suspected social engineering attempt.
  5. 3. Inform. The toolkit will inform users of the reason and or reasons why a social engineering attempt may be occurring. The user can use this information to make a decision on the next steps.
The PhishBaitAI project is currently available in the form of a web browser extension. It can be downloaded from:
To continue developing the AI program that powers our extension, anonymous data is sent between our servers and the extension. In the case of emails, all identifying information is immediately removed after we provide the user with a report.
The PhishBaitAI project is brought to you by the Helix Technology Group, a USA based information technology consulting firm with a focus on small and medium sized business computer systems, as well as state and federal government systems.
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